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Product expected in Fall 2020

The War of the Spanish Succession 28 mm Full Pack contains 2270 figures on 61 sprues and a set of PDF wargaming rules for battles written by Andy Callan. The PDF rules will be available on your site account in the download section right after you place the order.

Here are the armies included in the Full Pack:

French Line Cavalry

Gendarmerie de France (Regional Noble Cavalry)

Grenadiers a cheval and Mounted Generals

Maison Du Roi - Musketeers

Maison Du Roi - Gendarmes et Chevanx Legeres

Maison Du Roi - Gardes du Corps 1st Ecossais

Maison Du Roi - Gardes Francaises

Maison Du Roi - Gardes Suisses

French and Bavarian Artillery

French Line Cavalry Royal Regiment and Carabiniers

French Line Cavalry Royal Cuirassiers

Poldeak Hussars (French)

French Dragoons mounted and dismounted (Red uniform)

French Dragoons mounted and dismounted (Blue uniform)

French Line Infantry (white facings)

French Line Infantry Saillant (red cuffs)

French Line Infantry Bourbon (red stockings)

French Line Infantry Saintonge (blue facings)

Dismounted Dragoons

British Infantry - Guard and Royal Regiment

British Line Infantry

British Grenadiers

British Horse, Cadogan's regiment

British Dragoons

Prussian Grenadiers and Guard

Bavarian Cuirassiers

Bavarian Grenadiers

Bavarian Line Infantry

Dutch Infantry (red uniforms)

Dutch Grenadiers (red, blue and white uniforms)

Dutch/Prussian Artillery

Dutch/Prussian Dragoons

Dutch Line Infantry (white uniforms)

Dutch/Prussian Infantry (blue uniforms)

Dutch Guard Infantry (blue uniforms)

Dutch Cavalry (red cuffs)

French Line Infantry Lorraine (white facings & red cuffs)

French Line Infantry des Landes (white facings & red stockings)

French Line Infantry Flandre (white facings & purple cuffs)

French Line Infantry Auvergne (white facings & white cuffs)

French Line Infantry Poitou (blue facings & blue stockings)

British and Allied Mounted Officers and Generals 

French Line Infantry Le Roi (blue facings & white cuffs)

French Line Infantry Roth (blue facings & blue cuffs)

French Line Infantry Brendle (blue cuffs)

British Mounted Grenadier Companies

Dutch Cavalry (blue cuffs) and Prussian Line Cavalry

French Line Infantry Dauphin (blue facings & blue stockings)

French Line Infantry Bourbon (red stockings & white cuffs)

French Line Infantry Bearn (red stockings & red cuffs)

French Line Infantry Royal (blue facings & blue stockings)

British Dragoons, Hay’s regiment (Scots Greys)

Messengers and Casualties 

Maison Du Roi -1st Francais

Maison Du Roi - 2nd Francais

Maison Du Roi - 3rd Francais

French Line Infantry O'Donnel (Irish - red uniforms)

French & Bavarian Infantry  Flag Bearers v. 1

French & Bavarian Infantry  Flag Bearers v. 2

British/Dutch Infantry  Flag Bearers v. 1

British & French Cavalry Flag Bearers v. 1

This pack includes 269 bases (40 X 30mm) for 28mm figures plus 167 extra bases for experimenting with basing.