28mm Crusades Full Pack

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Here are the armies included in the Starter Pack:

Saracen Heavy Cavalry 19 Figurines
Saracen Mailed Cavalry 21 Figurines
Saracen Mailed Cavalry with two-handed lance 19 Figurines
Saracen Medium Cavalry 20 Figurines
Saracen Horse Archers 22 Figurines
Turcopoles 20 Figurines
Outremer Knights 20 Figurines
Hospitaller Knights 20 Figurines
Unarmoured Cavalry 22 Figurines
Saracen Crossbow Infantry 34 Figurines
Saracen Infantry 38 Figurines
Sudanese Infantry 39 Figurines
Dismounted Knights 1 38 Figurines
Unarmoured Spear and Bow Infantry 42 Figurines
Unarmoured Crossbows and Pilgrims 33 Figurines
Crusaders Commanders 16 Figurines
Dismounted Knights 2 38 Figurines
Teutonic Knights 16 Figurines
Teutonic Knights Sergeants 16 Figurines
Teutonic Knights Crossbowmen 42 Figurines
Teutonic Knights Spearmen 33 Figurines
Knights Templar 16 Figurines
Templar Sergeants 16 Figurines
Templar Crossbowmen 43 Figurines
Templar Spearmen 36 Figurines

Includes bases.