28mm Renaissance Full Pack

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Product expected in Fall 2020

The Renaissance 28 mm Full Pack contains 905 characters on 16 sprues and a PDF set of wargaming rules for battles written by Andy Callan (Available 1 Oct 2020) 

Here are the armies included in the full pack:

Imperial and Spanish mounted officers

Landsknecht Pikemen

Landsknecht Halberdiers

Landsknecht Arquebusiers

Landskecht or Swiss skirmishers

German Knights

German-Italian Men at Arms

Mounted Arquebusiers

Mounted Crossbowmen

Spanish Pikemen

Spanish Swordsmen

Spanish Arquebusiers

Spanish Knights

Spanish 'Ordenanza' Heavy Cavalry

Spanish 'Genitors' Skirmish Cavalry

Artillery Crews and Guns

French Knights

French Officers

French Ordonnance Cavalry

French Pikemen

Italian Arquebusiers

Italian Pikemen

Italian Skirmishers

Stradiots. Mercenary Skirmish Cavalry

Swiss Halberdiers

Swiss Pikes

Late Reiters


Black Band

Early Reiters

French Adventurers


This pack includes bases for 28mm figures.