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28mm Dark Ages Full Pack

WofUN Games

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PRE-ORDER only - Product expected in late Fall 2020

The new collaboration we started recently enriches the WoFun Minis Collections with a beautiful series of historical - fantasy figurines illustrated by Vyacheslav Batalov. Vyacheslav is a talented illustrator and history passionate who will release in the next months more WoFun Minis Collections; all inspired from different historical events from Antiquity to Gun Powder Age.

The WoFun Minis Vyacheslav Batalov Collection has a different artistic style than WoFun Minis' existing historical collections; both parts of each figurine are printed with the same image. Each miniature is illustrated from lateral with unique details, with clothing and accessories of the epoch it represents, these characteristics making the collection suited for the skirmish tabletop games in 18 mm and 28 mm scales.

The Dark Ages 28 mm Full Pack contains 177 figurines on 10 sprues:

Norman Cavalry 1 10 figurines

Norman Cavalry 2 10 figurines

Norman Spearmen 19 figurines

Norman Bowmen/Crossbowmen 19 figurines

Norman Special Units 19 figurines

Saxon Phalang 20 figurines

Saxon Special Units 20 figurines

Viking Shield Wall 20 figurines

Vikings Attack Poses 20 figurines

Vikings Special Units 20 figurines

Includes contains 177 bases.