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1066 18mm Starter Pack

WofUN Games

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The 1066 18 mm Starter Pack contains 443 characters on 5 sprues and a PDF set of wargaming rules for battles written by Andy Callan. The PDF rules will be available on your site account in the download section right after you place the order. 


Here are the armies included in the Starter Pack:

THE ENGLISH (SAXON) ARMY is an all-infantry force, made up of:

12 bases of Housecarls (heavily armoured professional troops, with axes & spears).

12 bases of Select Fyrd (well-equipped militia spearmen, some with armour).

12 bases of Great Fyrd (poorly armed levies and archers, mixed together).


THE NORMAN ARMY has Cavalry, Heavy Infantry and missile troops:

18 bases of Norman and French Knights (heavily armoured cavalry)

6 bases of armoured Mercenary Spearmen

12 bases of Archers

Includes bases.