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28mm Texas War Collection

WofUN Games

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The Texas War Collection contains 540 characters (17 sprues) illustrated by Peter Dennis with bases.

To be able to start playing soon after you receive the collection, we included for free a Beginner Rule Set written by Peter Dennis.

In the Texan Collection boxes you will find:

Mexican Infantry 

Mexican Infantry in fatigue uniform 

Mexican Grenadier and Light companies 

Mexican Light Cavalry 

Mexican Regular Cavalry 

Mexican Presidial Cavalry Mexican 

Mexican & Texan Officers

Mexican & Texan Artillery 

Texian Infantry Texian uniformed volunteers 

Tejano companies 

Texian Skirmishers 

Texian Mounted Infantry 

Tejano Commanders 

Skirmish Infantry 

Mounted Comanche Warriors 

Comanche Warriors on foot

The bases ncludes eight MDF sprues. The infantry and cavalry bases are 40 mm x 30 mm, artillery bases are 40x40 mm, and the leaders can be placed on round bases of 20 mm.