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28mm Jacobite War (the '45) Full Pack

WofUN Games

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The Jacobite '45 Full Pack contains 722 characters, and a set of PDF wargaming rules for battles in the mid-eighteenth century written by Andy Callan. The PDF rules will be available on your site account in the download section right after you place the order.

Here are the regiments included in the Starter Pack:

British Army Infantry Yellow Facings
British Army Infantry Blue Facings
British Army Infantry White Facings
British Army Infantry Grenadiers
British Government Militia
British Army Highland Infantry
British Army Hessian Grenadiers
British Army Hessian Infantry
British Army Dragoons
British Army Militia Cavalry ‘ Kingston’s Light Horse ’
British & Jacobite Artillery
Jacobite Highlanders
Jacobite Lowland Infantry
Jacobite Highlanders Marching
Royal Ecossais Regiment Jacobite
Jacobite French Regular Infantry
Jacobite Irish Piquets
Jacobite and British Army Officers
Limbered Artilery Sprue
Jacobite Cavalry

This pack includes 113 bases with one or two ranks, 12  artillery bases, and 88 bases for casualties. The WoFun's Standard Bases system has  30 x 20 mm bases for figurines of 18 mm scale. The bases are made from MDF (2.5mm thickness). Each base has one or two ranks (lines of figurines). Alternatively, you can choose the “No Bases” option and then order other types of bases from the Products menu – "Bases". If you choose “No Bases”, we will include in your pack only the Plexiglass sprues of figurines, so that you can make your own basing. The pictures show our Minis placed on Standard Wofun Bases.

To play the game you also need a few dice (the ordinary six-sided type) and a green game mat to represent the battlefield.