10mm Napoleonic Austrian Army

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Napoleonic 10mm Austrian Army Pack contains 1468 characters on 7 Plexiglass sprues 

Here are the armies included in the pack:

Austrian Artillery 48  figurines
Austrian Commanders and Skirmishers 178  figurines
Austrian Infantry 306  figurines
Austrian Elite Infantry 306  figurines
Austrian Light Cavalry 210  figurines
Austrian Medium Cavalry 210  figurines
Austrian Heavy Cavalry 210  figurines

The WoFun bases for the 10 mm scale are made from MDF 2.5 mm and printed on one side with a green grass texture. The bases have pre-cut slots in which the figurines are easily inserted.

A. The WoFun Standard A option includes 50 bases. The bases for infantry, cavalry, and artillery are square and have 43x43 mm. The leaders' bases are round and have 15 mm in diameter.

B. The WoFun Standard B option includes 92 bases. The bases for infantry and cavalry are rectangular and have 43x21 mm. Artillery bases are square, 43x43 mm and the leaders' bases are round and have 15 mm in diameter.