28mm Caesarian Roman Pack

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Product Overview

Pre-order only. Product expected Feb 2021

The Caesarian Romans 28 mm Pack contains 494 characters on 6 sprues. 

Here are the armies included in the pack:

Caesar’s infantry, white wing shield  - PD_Rom_inf23
Caesar’s infantry, red wing shield - PD_Rom_inf24
Caesar’s infantry, blue wing shield - PD_Rom_inf25
Caesar’s infantry, white bull shield - PD_Rom_inf26
Caesar’s infantry, yellow, bull shield  - PD_Rom_inf27
Caesar’s infantry, red, bull shield - PD_Rom_inf28
Caesar’s infantry, plain white - PD_Rom_inf29
Caesar’s infantry, plain yellow - PD_Rom_inf30
Caesar’s infantry, plain red - PD_Rom_inf31
Roman Commanders and Scorpion  - PD_Rom_inf33
Cretan Archers PD_Rom_inf32
Numidian Light Cavalry PD_Rom_cav13

Includes 54 standard bases and 10 single bases enabling you to experiment with more variants of basing.  The WoFun's Standard Bases system has  40 x 30 mm bases for figurines of 28 mm scale.. The bases are made from MDF (2.5mm thickness). Each base has two ranks (lines of figurines).