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The English Civil War 18 mm Full Pack contains 764 characters on 10 sprues, along with bases and a PDF set of wargaming rules for battles written by Andy Callan. The PDF rules will be available on your site account in the download section right after you place the order.

Here are the armies included in the Full Pack:

Redcoat and New Model Army Regiment

Whitecoat Regiment

Bluecoat Regiment

Yellowcoat Regiment

Covenanter Regiment

Irish Regiment


Characters end Officers



Scots Cavalry


New Model Army Dragoon

Royallist Dragoon

Purplecoat Regiment

Greycoat Regiment

Greencoat Regiment



Army Commanders

 The pictures show our Minis placed on Standard Wofun Bases.
This pack includes 146 bases and some extra bases with a few different models of slots enabling you to experiment with more variants of basing.  The WoFun's Standard Bases system has  30 x 20 mm bases for figurines of 18 mm scale.. The bases are made from MDF (2.5mm thickness). Each base has two ranks (lines of figurines).
To play the game you also need a few dice (the ordinary six-sided type) and a green game mat to represent the battlefield.