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AWI Starter Pack 18 mm contains 5 sprues of figurines and a PDF set of wargaming rules for battles written by Andy Callan. The PDF rules will be available on your site account in the download section right after you place the order.

Here are the armies included in the pack:

The American Army has seven units:
2 Regiments of regular (Continental) Infantry each of 5 companies plus a Command company (with
a flag).
2 regiments of Militia Infantry (organized like the regulars)
2 detachments of Skirmishers (Riflemen) (each of 3 companies)
1 artillery company.
The Army has 31 companies plus one mounted General giving a total Army Strength of 32.
The British Army has seven units
4 regiments of Regular Infantry (organized like the Americans)
1 detachment of Skirmishers (Light Infantry, armed with muskets) of 3 companies
2 artillery companies
The Army has 29 companies plus one mounted General giving a total Army strength of 30.
A Company (base) of Infantry has 2 ranks of 4 figurines
A Company of Skirmishers has 3-4 figurines, in 2 ranks
A Company of Cavalry has 2 ranks of 3 figurines
A Company of Artillery has a cannon and a crew of 3 or 4

Includes bases.