WofUN Plexiglass Figures

"War-gaming on a tabletop battlefield with miniature figurines is an attractive and absorbing hobby. But until now, it has always presented a newcomer with the daunting prospect of spending weeks, if not months, in painting the armies before they are ready for action. As a result, many people lose interest before they ever get to play a game.

WoFun miniatures now offer a revolutionary solution to this problem. The figurines come ready-printed in full color, and all you have to do is simply press them from their sprue and slot them into their bases. No paints, no glue – all the hard work has already been done for you!

Best of all, a ready to use 28mm WoFun regiment costs less than a similar number of unpainted hard plastic miniatures and is far cheaper than metal castings. The 18mm scale troops are even more economical.

Now you can buy affordable, battle-ready armies and get straight down to wargaming action.” 

Andy Callan,

Nottingham, England, April 2020

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